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How do you secure risks you aren't aware of? What is the best design for secure server virtualization? Our Assessment Services provide an organization with a holistic approach to identification of risks, strategically rank and prioritize risks, and our Design Services can be leveraged to provide solutions to identified issues. Security and risk assessments provide analysis of the effectiveness of a company's or system's security controls. This service includes adaptive techniques to work with organizations to review the risk associated with a company's overall security design to ensure that proper security controls are utilized. Whether evaluating Policies, Standards, & Guidelines, overall architecture, or designing a Virtual Server environment, our independent Assessment & Design services can help save your company time, money and embarrassment associated with audit findings or by identifying weaknesses before a news making breach occurs.

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Security Architecture Development
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Virtual Server Architecture
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Policies, Procedures, Standards & Guidelines

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