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Emagined Security Company Management

· David Sockol, President and Chief Executive Officer
· Paul Underwood, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner
· Phil Harris, Chief Technology Officer & Executive Consultant
· Deanna Summerly, Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Consultant
· David Zuckerman, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing

David Sockol has built and is currently operating Emagined Security. In this role, Mr. Sockol is overseeing the integrity of day-to-day business operations, developing business strategies, processes, and practices. Prior to building Emagined Security, Mr. Sockol built and operated the West Coast for Global Integrity/Predictive System and the Northern California security consulting practice for Arthur Andersen.

Paul Underwood is currently the Chief Operations Officer and Managing Partner at Emagined Security; with over 22 years experience in the field of Network and Information Security Management.

Mr. Underwood has extensive experience in running the day-to-day operations of the information security practices at Emagined Security while continuing to update and refine aspects of the security methodologies in use at Emagined Security. Mr. Underwood continues to run the operations of Emagined Security's corporate compliance, infrastructure and associated programs as well as the Consulting Security Practice. His executive level experience has enabled him the ability to make responsible corporate decisions to maintain profitability and define corporate and customer enterprise roadmap objectives.

Mr. Underwood is experienced in both executive management and well balanced in technical skills enabling him the ability to develop many technical services offered by the Emagined Security Consulting Services Division. He is experienced with penetration testing services, security architecture and design, identification and authorization systems, security policies and procedures, security assessment services, certificate authorities, encryption, Microsoft and UNIX level operating system security as well as in wireless networking.

  ResumePhil Harris is an accomplished Information Security Practitioner with over 20 years of experience and expertise in the areas of Security Strategy, Architecture, Risk Management, Governance and Compliance, Cryptography, and Security Operations across a wide range of industries such as Insurance, Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, and Retail. Phil has built world-class security teams and programs, and provided executive security leadership and cultivated cross-organization buy-in.

Phil has held several senior Information Security leadership roles including Sr. Cyber Security Strategist for Symantec, VP & Information Security Officer for companies like Providian Financial, Safeway, Inc., Global Information Risk Officer for JP Morgan Chase, Managing Director of Risk Management Practice for Charles Schwab, and Executive Information Security Consultant for Emagined Security, Inc.

Phil holds a BS from University of Phoenix in Computer Information Systems, CISSP Certification from ISC2 and CCSK Certification from the Cloud Security Alliance.

Deanna Summerly has over twenty years of proven experience in information security and privacy as demonstrated in the performance of security and privacy compliance and engineering for various private and public sector clients. Ms. Summerly was the Vice President of Security Consulting Services at Guardent and was responsible for ensuring the success, performance, and growth of the professional services organization. In addition, Ms. Summerly was responsible for overall project management, client relations, and services process and methodology development. Ms. Summerly has managed large security consulting projects, provided corporate information security services, performed hundreds of information security and privacy assessments, risk assessments, PCI compliance assessments, and security policies and procedure review and development for a wide variety of commercial customers in the financial, oil, utilities, pharmaceutical, technology, sports apparel industries as well as various state, federal, and military organizations.

David Zuckerman has worked for over 35 years in IT and IT Security in customer acquisition and customer retention roles. He has held a number of Sales and Sales Management roles, Thales eSecurity, Symantec, Siemens and Nortel Networks and has extensive experience in large enterprise sales and sales management.

Client Management

· David Chamberlain, Executive Consultant
· Michael Kappes, Executive Consultant
· Chris Ingram, Director of Penetration Testing
· Andrew Landsman, Senior Security Programmer

David Lars Chamberlain is an Executive Consultant at Emagined Security. Mr. Chamberlain has more than thirty years of experience in general security and more than twenty years of experience in the field of information security. Mr. Chamberlain has been the Chief Technology Officer and Acting Chief Security Officer for an Internet start-up company, FastFind, based in San Francisco. Mr. Chamberlain was the Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at Providian Financial and designed various security solutions. In addition to various other positions, Mr. Chamberlain also has substantial government and international experience as a career Naval Cryptology Officer working for the National Security Agency and for NATO focusing on all aspects of security: physical, personnel, hardware, and software.

Michael Kappes is an Executive Consultant at Emagined Security. Mr. Kappes is a PMI certified Project Management Professional and an accomplished Systems and Network Architect. Mr. Kappes has specialized in the implementation of security management, enterprise management, messaging, and Internet technologies employing Project Management Body of Knowledge, Rational Unified Process, and Microsoft Solutions Framework methodologies. Mr. Kappes?s background in Technical Training has benefited him greatly in terms of team building, motivating technical talent, and transferring knowledge.

Chris Ingram (CISSP, CEH) is director of penetration testing at Emagined Security, responsible for management of pen-testing operations. Mr. Ingram has 7 years of experience in network and application security and an additional 5 in software and hardware development. His involvement at every level of the hardware and software provides him a unique perspective of security issues. Chris Ingram is a professional security consultant with expertise in all aspects of Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing. Mr. Ingram has created security plans, conducted assessments, penetration testing and developed system level security processes. He has lead, designed, and implemented highly technical IT security strategies, policies and procedures. His diverse background in enterprise environments as an innovative thinker with an outstanding record of unifying new business concepts, mapping IT to corporate goals with risk management techniques, and transitioning infrastructures that are delivered on schedule and within budget.

  ResumeAndrew Landsman (BSBC, BMechE, LME) is the Senior Security Programmer at Emagined Security, responsible for Web and Database Programming, Graphic Design and Media Development, and is involved in Code Reviews, Web Penetration Testing, and Secure Code Development. Mr. Landsman specializes in Database Management Applications and Secure Code Development. He has over 20 years experience as a developer and designer, and over 15 years as a Security Consultant. Mr. Landsman comes from a scientific background, with degrees in Biochemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and Business Marketing. He is also specialized in Secure Data Migration and Manipulation, Large Inventory and Membership Management, and eCommerce Development.